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These are frequently asked questions about HelsaMi. Hopefully, you will find the answer you are looking for here.

What is HelsaMi?

HelsaMi is the citizens' digital gateway to health and care services. HelsaMi can be accessed via an app or a web browser. Here you can find your health information, communicate with healthcare personnel and access digital solutions such as questionnaires, consultations and much more. HelsaMi is a voluntary service to citizens wanting a digital gateway to the health and care services. 

Who can use HelsaMi? 

Anyone who is a patient or user of health and care services that use Helseplattformen as their electronic health record system can use HelsaMi. Next of kin can also access the system. 

The requirements are: 

You must be over 16 years of age. 
You must be able to log in using the eID gateway ID-porten. 
You must be a patient or user of one of the hospitals, municipalities or GPs that currently use HelsaMi. Trondheim municipality and Øya medical centre are the first users of HelsaMi. St. Olavs hospital and several other hospitals, municipalities and GPs will begin using HelsaMi later on this year.
Next of kin of adults with special care needs and parents or guardians of children may apply to use HelsaMi on their behalf by completing a form in HelsaMi. Patients and users may also grant access directly from HelsaMi. 

How do you log into HelsaMi?

Download the HelsaMi app or visit www.helsami.no, where you can log in using ID-porten. BankID is one of the login solutions available there. Your health information is safe in HelsaMi because your ID-porten login details must not be shared with others. 

Is it free to use?

Yes, HelsaMi is a free service. 

Use of HelsaMi is completely free of charge, but you must pay a user fee for digital consultations, in the same way as you do for in-person consultations. 

What information about me is available in HelsaMi when I log in for the first time? 

You will find content that has been added by clinicians after launch. 

You will also find: 

  • Personal health information from the National Population Register. 
  • Any appointments you have from launch and onwards. 
  • Completed or planned stays in municipal institutions after launch. 
  • Currently referrals and patient pathways to the specialist health service.
  • Questionnaires related to future appointments you need to complete. 
  • You will also find health information from some national registers such as the Norwegian Immunisation Registry. 

Using HelsaMi

Which healthcare providers are listed under View care team?

You will find your health contacts that use the Helseplattformen electronic health record system. Examples of health contacts are: GPs, public health nurses based in schools or health clinics, your primary contact in the district nursing service and other clinicians who are following you up over time. 

What appointments and visits can I see in HelsaMi?

You will see a summary of past and upcoming appointments. You will not see visits from the district nursing service. 

Can I book appointments myself? 

Yes. You can book appointments with the GPs, municipal services and units in the specialist health service that currently use Helseplattformen as their electronic health record system. 

Can I change or cancel appointments?

Yes. You can change or cancel appointments with your GP, and some departments in your municipality. If no option to change or cancel appointments is available, you can send an enquiry regarding changing or cancelling an appointment. If no enquiry option is available, you must call the relevant GP/unit/department. 

Can I be offered an earlier appointment if one becomes available? 

Yes. If you would like to be offered an earlier appointment if one becomes available, you can tick to be added to the short notice list when booking your appointment. If an earlier appointment becomes available, you will automatically receive an offer of a new appointment. 

If you accept the offer, your appointment will automatically be changed from the original time to the new time. 

If you reject the offer, no change will be made to your appointment. 
If you do not reply, the offer of the new appointment will expire. 

Requests for earlier appointments are processed on a first come, first served basis. 

How do video consultations work?

You can book a video consultation if you do not need to meet your clinician in person. Video consultations in HelsaMi are suitable for consultations that do not require a physical examination or attendance at a health service clinic. Some clinicians, but not all, allow citizens to book video consultations themselves, but not all. Clinicians may arrange a video consultation if they think it is the most suitable solution for the patient. 

Video consultations can be conducted internally between healthcare personnel, between the citizen and the healthcare personnel or between healthcare personnel and groups of citizens. 

What equipment do I need for a video consultation?

You need a mobile phone, tablet or computer with a camera, an internet connection, and a headset or earplugs. Citizens can conduct video consultations using a mobile phone, tablet or computer from their home, school or workplace or while travelling. 

What does Check-in for your appointment mean?

Before you attend an appointment, you can check in by answering some questions related to your appointment. You will receive a notification in HelsaMi if your clinician wants you to check in for your appointment. Checking in before your appointment allows the clinician to obtain information about you in advance. This is useful to ensure that HelsaMi has the right information about you and to receive any questionnaires you complete before attending your appointments. 

Communication via message

Will e-mail communication with patients and next of kin be possible in HelsaMi?

HelsaMi has a function called Messages, which is used for written communication between citizens and healthcare personnel. Healthcare personnel can send notifications to patients, as well as attachments or links where necessary. Citizens can reply to messages if the clinician has allowed it. Citizens can also send messages to some clinicians and offices, and to HelsaMi's user support. 

What questions can user support answer?

Citizens can contact user support with questions about using HelsaMi or its content, and to request that information in their records be rectified or erased. 

What if a clinician does not read a message that is urgent?

You must not use HelsaMi for matters that are urgent. It can take days to receive a reply to your message. 

Health information in HelsaMi

Can I view my medication?

You can view a summary of the medication that is registered by clinicians that use HelsaMi. 

It is a summary of medications from prescribed for you by clinicians that use HelsaMi. You can request prescriptions and send comments to your clinician if you are using a medication differently from how it was prescribed or, for example, if you no longer are taking it. You and your clinician will review your comments together at your next in-person, telephone or video consultation.

What test results can I see?

You will find various test results in HelsaMi, but you will be contacted directly about certain types of results. 

Some test results will be sent to you automatically in HelsaMi. Other test results must be reviewed by your clinician before sharing them with you. You will be notified about some test results directly by your clinician. This does not mean that the test results are something to be concerned about, but because it has been decided that you should always be notified about specific types of test results directly by your clinician. 

Can I see information about my allergies, and add new ones?

You will find a summary of your registered allergies in HelsaMi. 

Allergies that have not been registered by clinicians that use HelsaMi will not be listed unless you request them to be added. You will find the summary in the menu under Health summary.

Can I see what vaccines I have had?

You will find a summary of all your vaccines in HelsaMi. 

A summary of the vaccines you have had will be obtained from the Norwegian Immunisation Registry. You will find the summary in the menu under Health summary. 

What are health issues?

You will find any chronic diagnoses or health issues you may have in HelsaMi. 

You will see any health issues and long-term or chronic diagnoses your clinicians may have added to the summary of your health issues. You will find the summary in the menu under Health summary.

Documentation from appointments and visits

What is an after-visit summary? 

An after-visit summary is a summary of consultations and treatments in HelsaMi.

The after-visit summary describes where you were, when, who treated you, and other relevant information. Together with the after-visit summary, your clinician can add a note documenting what was done during the treatment. You will find the after-visit summary and notes in the menu under Appointments and visits. 

Municipal services

Can I use HelsaMi to search for municipal services?

Yes, you can send an application using HelsaMi. In the application process you will be asked some questions about your needs. 

Will I receive a reply to my applications for municipal services via HelsaMi? 

Yes. You will receive a letter replying to your application in HelsaMi. The letter informing you of the decision made in response to your application will also be available in helsenorge.no and in Digipost, and you will receive it by letter post if you do not open it online. 

Can I appeal against a decision regarding municipal services?

Yes. You can appeal a decision regarding municipal services via HelsaMi. The appeal will be processed in your municipality and you will receive a reply to your appeal via HelsaMi. 

Why do I not see all the healthcare staff in the district nursing service listed under View care team?

You will only see your primary contact under View care team.

Will home visits appear in the list of past and upcoming visits?

No, they will not. But you will be able to see details about municipal interdisciplinary healthcare team meetings and interdisciplinary meetings in the home. 

Will I see notes from home visits in HelsaMi?

No. Notes from home visits will not be available in HelsaMi. 

Personal data protection and security

Why is it safe to use HelsaMi?

Other people cannot access your health information in HelsaMi. 

Thanks to ID-porten, users' health information stored in HelsaMi is well protected. You log in with ID-porten. You must not share your login details with others, not even your closest family members. This means that HelsaMi is as secure as your bank account. 

What is access to their electronic health records?

You may ask to see your own medical records. You may request more information from your patient records than what is normally shared in HelsaMi. You are entitled to do this under the Patients’ Rights Act. You can request access to your records via Document centre in HelsaMi. 

What is an access log?

It is a record of who has opened your medical records. The log includes healthcare personnel and next of kin to whom you have granted access. You will find a summary of who has opened your records in the menu, under Document centre. 

Can I delete my HelsaMi account?

You can deactivate your HelsaMi account yourself. You can also reactivate it. You do this by logging in again using ID-porten. 

Questionnaires and measurement data

What questionnaires will I find in HelsaMi?

You will find questionnaires which your clinician has sent to you in the menu under Questionnaires. Your answers will be stored, and your clinician can read your answers. 

Why can I not find a questionnaire I completed a few years ago?

You will only find questionnaires that you answered recently. 

Can questionnaires be completed by schools or others? 

No, not via HelsaMi. Only you, as the patient or user, and possibly your next of kin, may complete questionnaires via HelsaMi. 

Access for parents and guardians

Can my next of kin have access to my HelsaMi account?

You can easily grant access to your next of kin,and withdraw it. When you are logged into HelsaMi, you can grant access to your next of kin. You can also withdraw access you have granted to next of kin or others. You can do this by clicking on Share my journal in the menu. 

Can I also have HelsaMi for my children?

Parents can request access to their child's HelsaMi account by completing a form in their own HelsaMi account. Only parents with parental responsibility, where one of the parents shares the same registered address as the child, will be granted access. Your access will be withdrawn when the child turns 16 years. 

Can I grant access to my spouse or to my children?

You may grant access to your HelsaMi account to next of kin aged over 18 years. You can choose between different types of access. You can withdraw access any time.
What about access for foster parents and others with care responsibility for a child?

Foster parents will not be granted access to their foster child's account. Only parents with parental responsibility, where one of the parents shares the same registered address as the child, will be granted access. HelsaMi follows the same practice as helsenorge.no. 

Can a person communicate on behalf of a sibling via HelsaMi?

A child may only be represented by the parent with parental responsibility. Citizens aged over 16 years may grant power of attorney to whoever they wish, for example a sibling. 

How can I get access to the HelsaMi account of a parent without capacity to consent?

You can apply via HelsaMi for access to the account of someone without capacity to consent. You will only be granted access if you can provide documentation showing that you have the right to access the information and to communicate on the person's behalf. 

Where can I find out who I granted access to?

You will find a summary of the access you have been granted to use the service on someone else's behalf and a summary of who has access to act on your behalf. 

You will find this information in the menu under Access. 

Personalised settings

Can I change the shortcuts at the top of the page?

Yes. You can select your own shortcuts in HelsaMi. You can change the shortcuts in Change your shortcuts in the menu under Account settings. The shortcuts are the menu items you want to place at the top of the page to make them easier to find. 

Can I change my notifications?

You can choose how you want to receive notifications from HelsaMi. In Communication preferences in the menu, you can choose how you want be notified when something happens in HelsaMi, for example when you receive a message, a test result or a questionnaire. You can choose to receive notifications in the app, by text message or by e-mail. 

Can I change my telephone number and other personal details?

Check that the address, e-mail address and telephone number registered in HelsaMi are correct. You can enter this information under Personal information in the menu, where you will also find the option Details about me. Here you can choose to enter additional details about you which you feel are important for your health contacts to know, such as language. 

Contact HelsaMi user support

Can you not find an answer to your question? Call user support on telephone. Open on business days from 9 AM to 3 PM. Their number is 72 88 37 97​.

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