Frequently Asked Questions

Topics and questions about HelsaMi.

Helseplattformen aims for a more comprehensive and seamless healthcare service for patients and users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your medical records follow you in all interactions with the healthcare system. All information is saved in one place. This means that the information is updated at all times, and you don’t have to repeat the same information-processes when moving between your general practitioner, hospital-appointments, and municipal services.

Another goal is that you to gain more insight into your own treatment-plans and easily can contact the healthcare services.

This is done through the citizen portal HelsaMi. 

If you cannot find what you're looking for, feel free to contact User Support on tel. +72 88 37 97 on weekdays between 08:00 - 15:00. We are ready to help you!

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What is HelsaMi?

HelsaMi is the citizens' digital entry to health and care services, available via a dedicated app or web browser.

In HelsaMi, you can get an overview of your health information, communicate with healthcare personnel, and access various digital solutions such as questionnaires, consultations, and more.

Using HelsaMi is voluntary. It is an option for those who want a digital path to health and care services.

Who can use HelsaMi?

Anyone who is a patient or user of health and care services that use Helseplattformen as their medical journal system can use HelsaMi.

You can also gain access as a next of kin.

Many people automatically get HelsaMi due to previous interactions with the healthcare system.


  • You must be over 16 years old.
  • You must be able to log in with ID-porten.
  • You must be a patient/user at one of the hospitals, municipalities, or GPs using HelsaMi.

If you are not a patient/user at one of the hospitals: Call User Support on tel. +72 88 37 97.

Next of kin to adults with special care needs and guardians of children can apply to get HelsaMi on their behalf by filling out a form in HelsaMi. Patients/users can also directly grant access from HelsaMi.

How do I log in to HelsaMi?

Download the HelsaMi app or go to the website When you reach the login page, you have several options:

  • BankID with mobile
  • BankID with app
  • BankID with code device
  • Login via ID-porten

Choose the option you prefer.

Is it free to use HelsaMi?

Yes, it is completely free to use HelsaMi, but you must pay a co-payment for digital video consultations and when physically attending an appointment with a healthcare provider.

Available information about me when I log in for the first time?

Initially, you may find that it is not much information about you in HelsaMi. As you interact with the healthcare services, you will find more information about your health information in HelsaMi.

You will also find:

  • Personal health information from the National Population Register.
  • Appointments you have from the start date.
  • Stays at municipal institutions you have had or have planned after the start date.
  • Questionnaires you need to fill out related to future appointments.
  • Health information from certain national registers, such as the National Vaccination Register.
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Usage of HelsaMi:

Which healthcare providers can I see under "My Health Contacts"?

You will see your health contacts who use Helseplattformen’s medical journal system. Examples of health contacts include: GP, school health nurse, primary contact in home services, and other healthcare providers you have regular follow-ups with.


Which visits can I see in HelsaMi?

You can see upcoming and previous appointments in a list. Residents do not see visits from home services.

Can I book appointments myself?

Yes, you can book appointments in the app, but you still need a referral from your GP for other events than low-threshold services.

Can I change or cancel appointments?

Yes, you can change and cancel appointments with some municipal departments. If change/cancellation is not available directly, you can send a request for change or cancellation. If the request option is not available, you need to call the relevant department to cancel.

Can I get an earlier appointment if one becomes available?

Yes, if you want an earlier appointment, you can check the waiting list when booking. If an earlier appointment becomes available, an offer will automatically be sent to the HelsaMi user to accept the new time:

  • If you accept the offer, the appointment will automatically change to the new earlier time.
  • If you decline the offer, nothing changes. If you don't respond, the offer expires.

The earlier appointment offer works on a first-come, first-served basis.

How does video consultation work?

You can get a video consultation if you do not need to meet your healthcare provider physically. Video consultation in HelsaMi is suitable for consultations that do not require a physical examination or attendance at the healthcare service.

Some healthcare providers allow patients to book video consultations themselves, but this does not apply to all. Healthcare providers can also schedule a video consultation if they think it is most appropriate for the patient.

Video consultations can be conducted internally among healthcare personnel, between residents and healthcare personnel, or between healthcare personnel and groups of residents.

What equipment do I need for a video consultation?

You need a mobile phone, tablet, or PC with a camera, internet connection, and headphones/earbuds.

You can conduct the video consultation from your home, school/work, or while traveling with a mobile, tablet, or PC/Mac.

What does "Questions before your appointment" mean?

Before some appointments, you can check in by answering questions related to the appointment.

You will receive a notification in HelsaMi if the healthcare provider wants you to answering questions for the appointment, this allows the treatment site to gather information in advance.

This is useful for ensuring that HelsaMi has the correct contact information and for receiving responses to questionnaires before the appointment.

You will still receive the healthcare assistance you are entitled to even if you choose not to check in before the appointment.

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Communication through Messages

Will communication with patients and next of kin through email be possible in HelsaMi?

HelsaMi has a feature called "Messages" used for written communication between patients and healthcare personnel.

Employees can send messages to patients and attach files and links as needed. Residents can respond to messages if the healthcare provider has enabled it.

Patients can also send messages to some healthcare providers, some offices, and HelsaMi support.

When you contact HelsaMi support, you can ask general questions about using HelsaMi and the medical record. You can also submit a suggestion for improvement so we can continue working to make HelsaMi even better.

What can user support answer?

Patients can contact user support for questions about the use and content of HelsaMi.

Call tel.+72 88 37 97 on weekdays between 08:00 and 15:00.

What if a healthcare provider does not see an urgent message?

You should not use HelsaMi if it is urgent. It may take several days to get a response on a message.

Health Information in HelsaMi:

Can I see medications?

You can see an overview of medications registered by healthcare providers in HelsaMi.

This is an overview of medications from your healthcare providers using HelsaMi. Here, you can request prescription renewals and add comments to the healthcare provider if you use the medication differently than prescribed, for example, if you no longer take it.

Your healthcare provider and you will review your comments during your next consultation, whether in person, by phone, or digitally.

Which test results can I see?

You will find various test results in HelsaMi, but some types of test results will be communicated directly to you.

Some test results are automatically shared with you in HelsaMi. Other test results must be reviewed by your healthcare provider before they are shared with you. Certain test results you will be shared directly by the healthcare provider. This is not necessarily because the result is bad, but because it has been decided that you should always hear the result of this type of test directly from the healthcare provider.

Can I see and add my own allergies?

In HelsaMi, you will find an overview of your registered allergies.

Allergies not registered by healthcare providers using HelsaMi will not be visible here unless you request that them to be added. You will find the overview under the menu item "Health summary"

Can I see vaccinations in HelsaMi?

In HelsaMi, you will find an overview of all vaccinations.

The overview of the vaccinations you have received is retrieved from the national vaccination register. You will find the overview under the menu item "Health summary"

What are health issues?

You can see your chronic diagnoses and health issues in HelsaMi.

What you see are the health issues and permanent or chronic diagnoses your healthcare providers have added to the list of your health issues. You will find the overview under the menu item "Health summary"

What is a visit summary?

A visit summary is a recap of consultations and treatments in HelsaMi.

The visit summary describes where you were, when, who treated you, and other relevant information.

Along with the visit summary, the healthcare provider may include a note documenting what was done during the treatment.

You will find visit summaries and notes under the menu item "Visits."

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HelsaMi for patients and users

Municipal Services:

Can I apply for municipal services through HelsaMi?

Yes, you can send a request through HelsaMi. In the request, you can include a brief description of your situation.

If needed, you’ll be contacted for a more detailed conversation to assess your situation.

You will receive a response to your request in HelsaMi or by letter if you have opted out of digital communication with public services.

How can I follow up on municipal services I receive?

Municipal services are available in HelsaMi.

You can find your primary contact in home services, read documents and visit summaries from municipal services, and see an overview of your medications, health issues, and other health information under "Health summary"

This gives you an overview of your healthcare.

How can I communicate with healthcare providers?

You can send and receive messages and access documents from health and care services.

You can communicate with healthcare providers and others who use Helseplattformen's journal system through the "Messages" feature in HelsaMi. If a healthcare provider has sent you a message, you’ll be notified in HelsaMi, and you can read and reply to it.

You will also have access to various documents, such as individual plans, visit summaries, and other medical information, under the relevant menu items in HelsaMi.

Can I appeal decisions about municipal services?

Yes, you can appeal decisions about municipal services in HelsaMi. The appeal is handled by a case officer in the municipality, and you will receive the response to your appeal in HelsaMi.

Why don't I see all employees in the home care service under my health contacts?

You will only see the primary contact under "View care team".

Will all home visits appear in the list of scheduled and completed visits?

No, they will not appear. However, responsibility group meetings and interdisciplinary meetings in the home will appear.

Are notes from home visits in HelsaMi?

No, notes from home visits do not appear in HelsaMi.

Privacy and Security

Why is HelsaMi safe to use?

Others do not have access to your HelsaMi.

With ID-porten, as a user of HelsaMi, your health information is well protected. You log in with ID-porten and should not share that login with others, not even your closest ones. This makes HelsaMi as safe as your bank account.

What is access to the journal?

You can request to see your own patient journal. You can request more information from your patient journal than what is standard sharing in HelsaMi.

You have the right to this according to the Patient and User Rights Act. You apply for access through "Document centre" in HelsaMi.

How to request access to the journal:

  1. Document centre
  2. Recuest records
  3. If you have any questions, please send us a customer service request. (click on the green text)
  4. Describe as precisely as possible what you need from your journal
  5. Submit (processing time is 30-60 days)

What is the access log?

You can see an overview of who has accessed your journal. The overview applies to both relatives you have given access to and healthcare personnel.

How to request access to my journal:

  1. Share my journal
  2. Request records
  3. If you have any questions, please send us a customer service request
  4. Describe as precisely as possible what you need from your journal
  5. Submit (processing time is 30-60 days)

What is the access log?

You can see an overview of who has accessed your journal. The overview applies to both relatives you have given access to and healthcare personnel.

Can I delete my HelsaMi account?

You can deactivate your HelsaMi account yourself. It's in the menu at the bottom and says Deactivate account.

You can deactivate or reactivate your account. You do this by calling HelsaMi User Support on telephone number +72 88 37 97 on weekdays between 08:00 and 15:00, and we will help you reactivate your account. If you have deactivated HelsaMi, the information you have there will not be lost.

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Questionnaires and Measurements:

What questionnaires can I find in HelsaMi?

You can find questionnaires that your healthcare provider has sent to you under the menu item "questionnaires." Your answers are saved, and your healthcare provider can see them.

Why don't I see questionnaires I answered a few years ago?

You will only see questionnaires you have answered recently, this is due to privacy-regulations. 

Can forms be filled out by schools or others?

No, not through HelsaMi. Only you as a patient and user or any relative that you have approved as a next of kin, can answer questionnaires through HelsaMi.

Access for Parents and Relatives

Do relatives have access to my HelsaMi account?

If you are over 16 years old and have consent competence, you can grant access for other adults over the age of 18 years to view your HelsaMi account, or perform actions on your behalf through HelsaMi. In HelsaMi, you will also have an overview of who has access and to whom you have granted access.

You can easily grant and revoke access for relatives. When you are logged into HelsaMi, you can grant access to relatives. You can also revoke access you have previously granted to others/relatives. You can do this under the menu item "Share my journal with others."

You can also use a paper form if the person requesting access does not have HelsaMi or BankID.

Is it possible to share HelsaMi with others?

Yes, you can give and receive access to your health information for close family members.

In the "share my journal” menu item, you can see a list of individuals you have given access to view your health information and communicate with healthcare providers on your behalf. You can also see who has granted you access to view their health information.

This is especially useful for parents and guardians who want to keep track of their children's health information or for adults who want to help their elderly parents with health-related matters.

More About HelsaMi:

What does "integrated with the Helseplattformen" mean?

This means HelsaMi is linked with the healthcare provider's journal system.

When HelsaMi is integrated with the Helseplattformen, it means that the information in HelsaMi is directly linked to the healthcare providers medical journal system. This ensures that the information is always up-to-date and that healthcare providers have access to the same information you see in HelsaMi.

Can I see my medical record in HelsaMi?

Yes, you can see parts of your medical record in HelsaMi.

In HelsaMi, you can see various parts of your medical record, such as health issues, medications, vaccinations, test results, and visit summaries. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your health and medical history.

Can forms be filled out by schools or other entities?

No, not through HelsaMi. Only you as the patient/user and any potential relatives can respond to questionnaires through HelsaMi.

Can I also get HelsaMi for my children?

Parents can request access to their own children by filling out a form on their own HelsaMi account. Only parents with parental rights, where one of the parents has the same registered address as the child, will gain access.

You lose access when the child turns 16 years old.

Can I also get HelsaMi for my children?

Parents can request access to their own children by filling out a form on their own HelsaMi account. Only parents with parental rights, where one of the parents has the same registered address as the child, will gain access.

You lose access when the child turns 16 years old.

Can I give access to my spouse or children?

You can grant access to relatives over 18 years old to your HelsaMi. You can choose between different levels of access when granting permission. You can revoke access at any time.

How will access be for foster parents or others who have daily care for a child?

Foster parents will not have access to foster children. Only adults with parental rights, where one of the parents have the same registered address as the child will be able to gain access. HelsaMi follows the same practice as

Can I communicate on behalf of siblings via HelsaMi?

Children can only be represented by parents with parental responsibility. Individuals over 18 years old can grant power of attorney to whomever they choose, such as a sibling.

How do I access a parent without capacity to consent?

You can apply for access to individuals without capacity to consent through HelsaMi. You will only gain access if you can provide documentation proving that you have the right to the information and to communicate on behalf of the person.

This must be a permanent capacity to consent assessment performed by a healthcare provider. (legg inn link til skjema)

How do I see whom I have granted access to?

You can find an overview of whom you have access on behalf of and who has access on your behalf on HelsaMi. Under the menu item "Personal information" you will find the overview.

Personal Settings

Can I change the shortcuts at the top?

Yes, you can customize your shortcuts in HelsaMi. Under "change your shortcuts" at the bottom of the menu, you can modify the shortcuts to place your preferred menu items at the top for quick access

Can I change notification settings?

Yes, you can choose how to receive notifications from HelsaMi. In the  "Communication preferences section, you can select your preferred method for receiving updates about new messages, test results, or questionnaires. Options include in-app notifications, or to be notified by text messages, or email.

Can I change my phone number and other personal information?

Ensure that your address, email address, and telephone number in HelsaMi are correct. Update them in the "Personal Information" section. There, you can also add optional details that might be important for your healthcare providers, like language preferences.

If you cannot change certain information yourself, contact HelsaMi Support on tel. +72 88 37 97 on weekdays between 08:00 - 15:00 for assistance.

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User Support:

How do I contact user support?

You can contact user support by phone or through HelsaMi.

If you need help with HelsaMi, you can call user support on +72 88 37 97 on weekdays between 08:00 and 15:00. You can also send a message through HelsaMi if you have any questions or need assistance.



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