Terms and conditions

These are HelsaMi`s terms of use.

Terms of use

Updated 03/04/2024

1. Introduction

These Terms of Use ("the Terms of Use") apply to your use of HelsaMi, which is provided by Helseplattformen AS.

The purpose of the services in HelsaMi (the "services") is to facilitate digital and complete interaction between the patient/user and entities in the healthcare sector. The dialogue options in HelsaMi are voluntary and will not replace the option of interpersonal meetings.

If you have questions about the Terms of Use, you can contact Helseplattformen AS on telephone 72 88 37 97 on weekdays between 09.00 and 15.00.

2. Your user account and login

All residents currently affiliated with a health care system that uses Helseplattformen can use HelsaMi, regardless of where they live in Norway. When you register with one of these health care systems, you can create a user account in HelsaMi. The affiliated health care systems are St. Olavs Hospital HF, Helse Møre- og Romsdal HF as well as other general practitioners, municipalities, and private health care providers, that uses Helseplattformen.

You log in with ID-porten using your BankID. When you log in for the first time, you must accept the Terms of Use for HelsaMi. When logging in later, you can choose to use facial recognition by switching this function on or off in your mobile phone. Helseplattformen AS is required to ensure secure verification. If you are under the age of 16, only parents or guardians may have access to your HelsaMi account. The parent or guardian can request access to child's account in their own HelsaMi account.

The guidelines for parents and guardians' access to children's account follows helsenorge.no's practice, and are as follows:

  • 0-15 years: parents have access
  • • 16 years: parents automatically lose access, and the child can log in with their own BankID and must then accept the Terms of Use themselves.


3. Access to HelsaMi for next of kin and others

Anyone over the age of 16 who is competent to give consent, can authorize others over the age of 18 to use the services on their behalf. The representative will then be able to use the services on your behalf and gain access to your health information. You decide which services the representative should have access to by choosing between four options for access. You can withdraw access at any time. These options are:

  • Standard access - You give this person access to see upcoming appointments and health information as well as sending messages and booking appointments. The person cannot see your personal notes, history, or previous appointments.
  • Access to read - You give the person access to see your health information, but do not communicate on your behalf.
  • Access to communicate - You give this person access to view and manage hours and to send messages on your behalf.
  • Full access - You give the person access to see the same as you see and communicate with the health service on your behalf. The person will also be able to answer your questionnaires and view and change your notes.


Closest relatives can apply for access to the HelsaMi of adults over the age of 16 who are not consent-competent, by applying for this in their own HelsaMi.

4. Downtime and updates

HelsaMi is provided "as is" and without any guarantee of availability or quality. The services are available 24 hours a day, but interruptions may occur due to the need for maintenance, updates etc., or because of circumstances beyond Helseplattformen AS's control. Updates will be carried out at least quarterly in addition to other technical updates/integration exercises, which may result in temporary downtime.

HHelseplattformen AS is not liable for indirect loss or damage due to loss of availability or quality of HelsaMi.

5. User responsibility

When you use HelsaMi you are obliged not to act in violation of the Terms of Use, as well as the applicable laws, regulations and commonly accepted standards for use of this type of service, including, but is not limited to, refraining from making statements or conduct in a manner that is offensive, inappropriate or similar. Such conduct may result in restricting access to certain services. This may include partial or complete restriction of your access to HelsaMi.

You have the opportunity at any time to copy or transfer your health information, personal data and other information to yourself or others. This applies within the technical framework of the various formats in which the information is stored. You are responsible for the processing of copied and transmitted information. This also applies for discontinuation of the services. Please note that you must initiate a transfer before deleting information or withdrawing your consent, or if you have been notified that HelsaMi will restrict your access to the services due to your violation of the Terms of Use when using HelsaMi.

You are obliged to use the services with reasonable care, and to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of information about yourself and others.

6. Notices and other inquiries from public entities

When you agree to the use of services at HelsaMi, you will be able to receive mail and messages in HelsaMi from entities in the healthcare sector. If you are registered in the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency’s contact and reservation register, you will receive letters both in your digital mailbox and in HelsaMi.

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, you also allow entities in the healthcare sector that offer digital services to communicate electronically with you. This includes that they can contact you and send you letters, forms, requests for participation in health examinations, etc.

You can change settings and preferences for notifications and communication in HelsaMi.

7. Use of behalf of children

Parents can use HelsaMi on behalf of children for whom they have parental responsibility until the child reaches the age of 16. It is also required that the child is registered in the National Register with the same residential address as one of the parents. If the child or parent is registered with a confidential address or strictly confidential address, parents may not use HelsaMi on behalf of the child.

After a professional assessment, healthcare personnel may decide that it is not prudent to use HelsaMi in connection with the exercise of health care and access to the child's medical records. Therefore, parents or guardians may experience that they are unable to access the relevant information in the child's account. Such restrictions can be made without prior notice.

8. Duration and user account deactivation

If you choose to deactivate your user account, the services will immediately become unavailable to you, your parents or guardians, and others to whom you have granted access. You can deactivate your account by withdrawing your consent to use the services. Disabling the user account will not delete your account or affect the contents of the patient record. You can withdraw your consent to the use of HelsaMi at any time by changing your settings in HelsaMi. If you have any inquiries regarding withdrawal of consent, you can also contact Helseplattformen AS during our opening hours on telephone number 72 88 37 97 or contact the health service provider that provides services to you directly.

You can at any time renew your consent to the use of HelsaMi and restore access to your user account. Your information will not be deleted if you choose to disable your user account. When a user's death is registered in the medical records, the deceased user's consent will be deemed withdrawn, and the right to access the services will be removed. Any other person who has been given the authority to access the account will also lose access.

9. Amendments

Helseplattformen AS has the right to make amendments to these Terms of Use, as well as changes to the services' content and functionality. If the services are extended for new purposes or otherwise significantly changed, you will be asked to renew your consent.

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