Helseplattformen: One common regional health record

The region of Central Norway (Midt-Norge), with about 720,000 inhabitants, is now establishing a common solution for the patient's health record, across all levels of health care.

En lege som snakker med en pasient

The work is organised through a project and limited company named Helseplattformen, owned by the regional health authority (Helse Midt-Norge) and the municipality of Trondheim.

The region is an official tryout arena for the national objective «One citizen – one health record».

Today the various hospitals, municipal institutions and GPs work with different IT solutions, and communication between them can be fragmented. Based on technology from Epic Systems Corporation, the company's analysts and healthcare providers from across the region are setting up the system according to the healthcare's requirements. 

All publicly owned entities providing health services in the Central Norway Health Region are part of the program:

  • The hospital trusts (St.Olavs university Hospital, Helse Møre og Romsdal, Helse Nord-Trøndelag)
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • The city and municipality of Trondheim
  • All other 65 municipalities in the region are option holders

Trondheim is the largest city and municipality and has, being both owner and option holder, taken the role of representing the smaller municipalities.

GP's, whether private or municipality employed, and private entities will have the opportunity to join the solution.

2015: Pre-project started

2016: Program appointed as national tryout arena for One Citizen - One Health Record

2017: Aquisition project startet

2019: Contract signed with Epic Systems to deliver the EHR solution was signed on March 20th, 2019 after a long-lasting competition.

On June 3rd, 2019, a contract on the delivery of Identity and access management (IAM) was signed with IBM Norway.

​In August 2019 the implementation project started after onboarding project staff and more than 200 subject matter experts from hospitals, municipalities and GP offices across the region. The subject matter experts are part of the healthcare governance structure deciding how the solution should be configured and adapted to Norwegian conditions. Most of the project staff from the procurement phase also remained for the implementation project.

2020: Lab module Epic Beaker implemented at St.Olav's hospital. Pandemic led to partial closing of offices and a shift to digital co-working. Implementation postponed six months.

Development phase. Local implementation projects established in hospitals and municipalities.

2021: Municipalities joining after political decisions. Test, acceptance, training.

2022: Implementation set to April 30th (PD1), and new waves of implementation every six months in hospitals and municipalities.

After an extensive testing, optimalisation and training period the first deployment is planned for the weekend of April 30th, 2022. St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim kommune and two GP offices will be deploying the solution first.

  1. Increased treatment quality and fewer patient injuries
  2. Access to continuously updated clinical knowledge based on best practice
  3. Provide the citizens with easy access to their own health record and more influence on their own course of treatment
  4. Increased interaction in and between the primary and specialist health care services
  5. Improved data and information for use in research and innovation
  6. Increased efficiency and better use of resources
  7. Improved management information to aid quality and improvement work in daily operations
  8. Reduced time spent on documentation and search for health information
  9. Compliance with national standards and requirements
  10. Reduced need for municipal services based on comprehensive assessment of the patient's functional abilities through generic pathways
  11. The citizens shall be supported to live longer independently in their own homes​

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