HelsaMi in English

HelsaMi is available in both English and Norwegian. Here are a few facts and tips for users who prefer English.

A  brief introduction to HelsaMi


  • HelsaMi is your digital entrance to health- and welfare services in Mid-Norway.
  • HelsaMi is also available as an app for mobile devices.
  • By using the app or entering HelsaMi on a browser you can get an overview of your medical information and can communicate with health care workers.
  • You need to be 16 or older and have a medical record or an appointment coming up.
  • Spring 2022 HelsaMi has information from Trondheim kommune and one GPs office. Later on,  St. Olavs hospital and several municipalities, hospitals and    ​GPs begin to use HelsaMi.
  • You can also get access on behalf of family members who give you access.
  • You can log on using ID-porten (for instance BankID) in the same way as you use it to access a variety of public services.
  • ​​Read more about ID-porten in English here.​

I don´t have a user. What do I do?

If you are able to use ID-porten, but can not log into HelsaMi, you might not have a user. Go to this page to apply for user access.​

What do I get in HelsaMi that I do not get in Helsenorge?

In HelsaMi you can see information from your medical record, scheduled appointments and the status of your applications for health care from Trondheim municipality. 
You get to communicate with your providers in the health and welfare services.

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Frequently asked questions (in English)


​​Here, you can read frequently asked questions about HelsaMi.​


Terms and conditions

See: Terms and conditions

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